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I was backpacking in the High Sierra Mountains in California a few years back, carrying a 50-lb pack and moving quickly down the trail.  It was a glorious blue-sky day in the middle of the Sierra summer and everything was going my way. I came to a fast-moving stream and had to slow down to […]

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So It’s My Birthday

So it’s my birthday. And as time compresses, I think more and more about how to spend it. I think more about the world and the situation in which we humans find ourselves. I actually had a conversation about prostates two days ago. I’m not kidding. O-M-G! I have nothing to worry about from what […]

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Christmas Matters

The “Arab Spring” escalated into civil war. Sandy left people homeless. Our babies were tragically taken from us in Connecticut. The “fiscal cliff” looms ahead. This year brought the sudden loss of my Mother and some of my friends. I know that I’m not alone. Everyone who breathes has felt loss and hardship this year. […]

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