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DJs Who Do “The Same Thing For Less”

Anyone who says that they can “do the same thing” because they took the same workshop DOES NOT understand the very nature and purpose of a performance workshop.

For that reason ALONE, as a client, you should NOT hire them. If they don’t understand the purpose of a workshop, they won’t understand many other aspects of your event. You DO NOT want this type of personality in charge of an event that is as important as yours.

You and your event not only deserve someone who is discriminating and intelligent, but in actuality your event NEEDS someone like that. You need someone who is not willing to compromise standards, professionalism, or the value they provide by using a cheap sales tactic that doesn’t make sense and amplifies their lack of understanding of the creative process.

A workshop doesn’t make DJs equal any more than a gym makes bodybuilders equal. I might train at the same gym as Arnold, but I am obviously not as big as Arnold. Anyone who would say that they “do the same thing for less” because they “took the same workshop” is attempting to hide their inability to perform at a high standard of quality — a level of quality that could maintain a higher price.

“I do it for less” is CHEAP — cheap price, cheap tactic, cheap shot.

When I’ve asked brides and grooms to describe what they envision their wedding to be, I’ve NEVER heard them say that their dream-come-true is to have a cheap wedding. You might want to have a budget. You might want the best value for your money. But I know, based on working with many, many couples, you DON’T want “cheap.”

If you’re a bride and groom looking for high quality entertainment, go with a talented DJ/MC who is confident in their abilities and price. “I do it for less” doesn’t exude ‘confidence’.

And… You can quote me on that.

©2014 Mark K. Ferrell

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One Response to DJs Who Do “The Same Thing For Less”

  1. Al October 8 at 12:43 AM #

    As usual these blogs posts are spot on. I just stand around waiting for these nuggets to fall to the ground like – “I’ve NEVER heard them say that their dream-come-true is to have a cheap wedding.”

    Big thanks to the Anthony Robbins of DJ’s

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