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The Love Story – Part One – It Started With Ours

The Love Story is a concept that Rebecca and I invented in 1989, the first year of our Wedding DJ business. We created it for our very first wedding clients, Tom and Gayle Rhines (who remain friends to this day). (Happy 21st Anniversary, Tom and Gayle!)

Mark & Rebecca's First Wedding Couple - Tom and Gayle Rhines
Our First Wedding Couple – Tom and Gayle Rhines – circa 1989

I had been performing at wedding receptions on weekends for the Southern California nightclubs I had worked in the 80’s – The Red Onion and Peppers – and happened to be the most requested DJ. I’m pretty sure that it’s because I LOVED doing them (and most of the other DJs were dreadfully hungover on Saturdays). The couples were awesome and I happened to be a hopeless romantic. But, my wife, Rebecca and I noticed that the attention would move away from the bride and groom at different times throughout the reception, so we were determined to find ways to keep the attention focused on them.

Rebecca and I didn’t just fall into the DJ business, nor did we arbitrarily decide on specializing in weddings. It was a very well thought-out, intentional plan to combine our unique talents, abilities, training, and passion in a business that we could work together. Something that was meaningful and purposeful, and something more…

Remember that whole “hopeless romantic” thing I mentioned earlier? When Rebecca and I were married, just 4 years prior to starting our business, we were both bowled over by the romance and pomp and flair and “hoopla” surrounding our nuptials. We decided then that we always wanted to feel that way and to never become one of those “old married couples”.

MarBecca's First Bridal Show
Mark and Rebecca’s First Bridal Show – circa 1989

You see, we exchanged our vows in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii and, as you might guess for two young people in love, we were completely enthralled with each other. The morning that followed our wedding, we enjoyed breakfast outdoors on a beachside restaurant overlooking the crystal blue Pacific, and noticed an older couple having breakfast in this beautiful and romantic setting. He was completely obscured by his newspaper. It was like a wall that was completely blocking any view of his wife. She was staring at a book or nothing at all, I’m not sure. What I was immediately sure of, seeing their detached body language and facial expressions, was that they really didn’t care to be with one another. It was so sad to see.

I held Rebecca’s hands and looked into her sweet face. Pointing them out to her, I said, “I never ever want to be like that. Even in our quiet moments, I want us to be connected and in love. Let’s always be like we are right now.” Thus we made another vow. We just never wanted that feeling to go away.

Mark and Rebecca Just Married
Mark & Rebecca “Just Mauied”

We loved getting married, being married, planning the wedding, and celebrating the wedding. We loved how it all felt. We loved the fuss people made about our getting married. We loved the advice, the preparations, the details, the… well, EVERYTHING! So much so, that we actually went back to Maui for our first anniversary and reveled in pretending to get married all over again. Really.

Because of that love and passion, we were always thinking of ways that we could be around each other even more. We never grew tired of being together and always found plenty to talk about and laugh about. I always told Rebecca, “I should have met you when I was 13. Now we have to make up for all that time we lost.” We just wouldn’t grow tired of being around each other 24-7 (As completely abnormal as that is – almost freakish, we’ve been told).

We decided that, in order to spend as much time with each other as possible, we needed to go into business together. It was obvious to us that, with Rebecca’s administrative, social, and event planning skills combined with my entertainment background that we would not just enter the “DJ” business, but the wedding business.

A business that, to us, was so very much more than “business”.

And…you can quote me on that.

©2010 Mark K. Ferrell

To be continued in Part Two

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