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What Is The MarBecca Method?

Mark Ferrell Explains The MarBecca MethodThe MarBecca Method is unique and specific. It is more complex than it appears on the surface. It’s the kind of thing that takes a bit of exposure to fully understand. It is something we lived for over 35 years, drawing from experience and training in the entertainment industry and corporate event planning. As it’s practiced and worked with, it becomes more and more clear to someone working with the concepts. Then suddenly, it makes astounding sense — as many MarBecca Method workshop attendees can attest to. As a recent attendee extolled after his fifth workshop, “Something just clicked!” And his performance had blossomed.

We teach it a certain way and zero in on the specificity of why, when, and how. Especially as it pertains to The Love Story because it is a concept that we conceived and delivered. It is what we were famous for, as our signature piece.

It may not be readily apparent but there’s a ‘method to our madness’, so all the details of the MarBecca Method are best not rearranged  or left out. The key motivation driving what we do must remain intact. There is purpose behind every detail, however subtle.

Why practice the MarBecca Method? To achieve the same/similar results as ours.
What are those results?

  • effortless bookings
  • “Shout of Mouth” advertising
  • charge 5x the market price
  • meaningful interaction with clients
  • longevity
  • better control of events
  • a full calendar
Cake Cutting Ceremony - Stacie Tamaki & Alan Chitlik

Stacie Tamaki and Alan Chitlik Cut the Cake

Of course, there’s more. But here’s my point – a very sharp one: If you want those results, we can show you how we did it. Because we did it. What we teach is not mere “theory” or conjecture. We’ll give you all the pieces to the puzzle and help you assemble them to create the whole picture. It takes a partnership, a commitment to understand, and trust. And here’s the surprise – it’s FUN too! Because “play” is an integral part of the MarBecca Method.

You may be doing things differently. You may have been taught by others to do things differently than I teach. And those ways might be working for you, so my methods may seem unnecessary and foreign. If so, keep in mind that the same things applied to folks who drove a horse and buggy upon discovering the automobile. Be open to new and better possibilities.

If you’re struggling. If you’re not charging what you want to be charging; if sales aren’t coming easily; if you have to market and network like crazy to get bookings; if your calendar is full of holes – even at a price lower than 5x average; I can confidently tell you that all the nit-picky details of how we did what we did and why we did what we did … all the stuff we teach in workshop … is what propelled us and it would propel you too.

This blog will always reflect these principles and provide information and answers to help you achieve success with this method, as seen through the prism of MarBecca’s success.

The attached podcast is a recording of a recent Master of Ceremonies workshop explaining the genesis of the MarBecca Method.

Podcast: The MarBecca Method

The MarBecca Method is all about Love.

And… You can quote me on that.

©2011 Mark K. Ferrell

Mark Ferrell eats wedding cake

Photo Credit: Rebecca Ferrell
Featured: Alan Chitlik - Puget Sound DJ and Stacie Tamaki

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7 Responses to What Is The MarBecca Method?

  1. Alan Marshall December 14 at 3:44 AM #

    Mark, thank you for the re focus. Looking forward to my three workshops in 2012.

    Your friend

  2. Michael Durham December 14 at 9:50 AM #

    Mark, Each time I have the opportunity to hear you speak I find myself moved, touched, inspired! I am eagerly awaiting the workshops I will attend this year. Thank you so much for all you do for this industry.


  3. Jim Cerone December 14 at 10:48 AM #

    Simply outstanding. Thank you for sharing, Mark!

    • Mark Ferrell December 16 at 4:19 PM #

      You’re welcome, Jim. I’m glad to offer any insights I can and hope they are beneficial to you.

      Thank you so much fro reading and listening. .. And for your friendship and loyalty over these many years.


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