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What The Public Needs To Know About DJs

Houston Master of Ceremonies Workshop

I was reminded, once again, in a recent Master of Ceremonies workshop just how valuable DJs are and how difficult the work is when done well. Each time I have a conversation with DJs who care about what they do, they impress me and reinforce their worth with each description of the detail to which they perform their duties.

They do this without knowing. They do this without defending their worth. They do this without talking about how good they are. They do this without justifying their price…which is usually too low anyhow.

They simply talk to me about the details of their jobs and the pride they take in that job.

This, then, is the thing that DJs need to know.

The DJs who are attracted to and then attend the MarBecca Method workshops are unique — in an ocean of DJs. They work hard to improve. They are technicians. They are artists. They are caring. They are jugglers. They are diplomats. They are a resource. They think about the details and the possibilities. They are responsible. That is to say, they gladly take responsibility for the outcome of your events and do everything within their power, knowledge, and ability to ensure its success.

I see their hearts. It’s impossible not to in the workshop environment. I observe their struggle to strive for perfection – physically, technically, and emotionally – motivated, not by me, but by you – their clients.

This, then, is the thing that the public must know.

Find one of these professionals. Then pay them well for the amazing job they will do for you.

I’ll save you some time. Just go HERE.

Make getting one of these professionals a priority and improve  your chances of being blissfully happy on your wedding day.

And… You can quote me on that.

©2012 Mark K. Ferrell

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