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$1800 For A Wedding DJ Is Dirt Cheap

30 years ago, you could hire a wedding DJ for about $400. This was your run-of-the-mill, average DJ.

I can think of nothing that hasn’t increased in value over the last 30 years, except DJs. Mostly because most DJs don’t rely on being a DJ to earn their livelihood – it’s a hobby to them. YOU’RE their hobby. Or they’re beginners – YOU’RE their “lab rat.”

But consider this:
Talented professionals charge accordingly and deliver accordingly. Talented professionals are worth more that a 30-year-old price tag. Talented professionals are worth more than what you’ll spend on “chair covers,” “veggie platters,” and “favors,” because they provide so much more than those items.

If you were to go to the Hilton in your area and rented a sound system for 200 people with no music or sophisticated DJ equipment, you would pay nearly $900 – JUST FOR SOME GEAR, set up, tear down, and an “operator” to switch it on.

No “talented professional” included – Just a sound system and a pimply-faced kid with baggy pants for $900.

If your multi-thousand dollar, much-planned-for, monumentally important event is worth having, it’s worth making sure that you’ve retained the best possible choice you can get to

– keep the soiree moving smoothly,
– create and highlight special moments,
– keep you and your guests entertained,
– and represent you as you’d like to be represented in good taste.

To have someone who can skillfully do these things for $1800 is CHEAP. It was “reasonable” 10 years ago. Now add $900 to that for some sound equipment, and you get $2700.00, which is a very reasonable price for a talented professional who holds so much of the responsibility for the success of your event.

No other aspect of your event will have more impact on it or for as long as the entertainment professional you choose to represent you.


Don’t hire a DJ that’s stuck in 1984. Get the best professional that you can afford.

And… You can quote me on that.

©2014 Mark K. Ferrell

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6 Responses to $1800 For A Wedding DJ Is Dirt Cheap

  1. Scott Parr June 28 at 12:40 PM #


    Thank you for this. REALLY. Thank you.

    I’ve been $1,600, adding more for a ceremony, maybe some uplighting. Feeling a little guilty that I’m not just me, proudly helping people with their wedding. Seems that I just don’t make it as a full time DJ. There have been days when that last pack of Ramen noodles has to get me through the day. I’ve attended one workshop of yours, 4 years of improv. But it’s been a long time. I blame myself for not improving. Guests say it’s the ‘best party we’ve ever been to’. But I know I can do more. Maybe I’m not what I think I am. The phone isn’t ringing off the hook. It’s another down year, etc. I associate myself with great entertainers. Maybe it’s not enough. I have a wedding in 2 weeks at $4,800 but it’s mostly travel. Why was it comfortable to ask that from them but not local weddings. Mark, I’m afraid. You’ve heard it many times before. I’m afraid they will say no so I make it ‘affordable’. I make it closer to the average DJ (that in my area I believe to be $1,000 – $1,250). I’m putting myself in no-mans land and I’m spinning my wheels. I’m full time with 18 weddings this year. Not good. Every wedding though, I am so grateful. I speak during my welcome and see the eyes and expressions of every guest. I see the smiles. I can see I’m connecting with their hearts. I love it. I love how the time and work put into this monumental day, every idea and conversation leading up to the wedding now comes into play. I want this to be an incredible memory, an incredible celebration for everyone. I picture months later at Christmas when their family gathers again that the topic is still the wedding and how amazing it was. And then I say $1,600 to the next potential bride who looks elsewhere. I need help Mark so I can help more brides. Thanks for listening to my cry for help. I really care for these people, their family, their friends, even the other vendors. When a photographer tells me “wow, I’ve never seen that” or they are taking pictures at frantic pace because there is so much celebrating happening on the dance floor. I don’t even feel pride for it. I’m thankful to be blessed to help these people. They could have picked anyone and they picked me. How amazing is that. I owe them my best. Mark, it’s easy to talk to you or other DJs this way. It’s not easy to convey this to a bride and groom in ‘sales speak’. I don’t like sales, I just like helping people. I need help and you, Rebecca and your message, your passion for my career mean so much to me! Thank you!!! – Scott Parr


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