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Does Your DJ Really Care?

No. Really.

Do they care enough to meet with you personally? Do they care enough to make sure your room is set up properly? Do they care enough to know how you wish to be represented? Do they care enough to know how to make proper introductions? Do they care enough to suffer the details?

I can’t speak for most wedding DJs out there, but the wedding Disc Jockeys at The MarBecca Community (TMC) really care. A lot.

What’s The MarBecca Community, you ask? It is an online community of performing artists, many of whom have taken or are planning to take The MarBecca Method workshops. They use the community forums to ask questions, get support, comment on issues, get information that will help them be better or more effective, exchange ideas and “war stories”, and sometimes just to connect and chat with someone else like her/him. Lasting friendships have been forged in this community. And many of the very best wedding performers and industry who’s who’s have been cultivated. Just take a quick look at the most professional wedding DJs in the world today (authors, writers, and seminar presenters) and you’ll notice that nearly all have gone through the MarBecca Method workshops.

I’m proud of that.

Every day, I read comments and questions at TMC that astound me. In a good way.

For instance, I was just reading a post recently about lighting a cake. A bride and groom wanted to have their cake lit in a way to highlight it. And I say, why not? Brides and grooms spend a good amount of money for their wedding cake and, as a work of art, I think it’s a good idea to shine a light on it.

Anyhow, the community members were discussing proper ways to do this – in unbelievable detail. What kind of light should be used? How much heat will the light give off? Will it melt the icing? How far away should it be hung? What will it hang from and how should it be mounted? Where is the electrical source? Will it be adequate? And on and on.


That’s just one small example of how much care goes into so many of our members’ events. Each day, I read threads and posts that detail the thought, effort, knowledge, talent, and care that each of The MarBecca Community members exert for their (very lucky) clients. Everything from unusual music requests, to the importance of client meetings, to cultural traditions, to trying to “fix” a surprise slideshow from “Uncle Bob”, to making up for other vendors’ occasional deficiencies, and so much more – These wonderful professionals have just one priority in mind: Do whatever is necessary to make sure everything is perfect for their clients.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the phone with a DJ who is asking for advice about an aspect of his performance, and while we’re talking in great detail about it, I’m suddenly struck – really taken aback – by two things: 1. How much thought and detail is involved in doing a really good job, and 2. Just how much he genuinely cares.

“Caring” is being taught today. It’s the stuff of TV ads. Dare I say, it’s trendy. But the type of caring I see in these colleagues has a much different quality about it. It’s organic. It comes from within, grows, and boils over. These dedicated professionals ache to ensure that the way a deceased relative is recognized it done with dignity, sensitivity, and respect – but also careful to make sure that it doesn’t bring the celebratory nature of the party down. That’s a very difficult balance, which takes considerable finesse.

It sometimes seems that genuine caring is difficult to find these days. When you couple that with genuine talent, it becomes even more rare. But those are the two things that someone simply cannot fake. Both are hallmarks of what The MarBecca Community represents and what our members strive for.

MarBecca Community Members care enough to develop their talent for the people who inspire them the most: Their clients.

And… You can quote me on that.

©2011 Mark K. Ferrell

If you are a bride and groom looking for an entertainment professional, or are one who would like to join others like you, or would like to be a better entertainment professional, read more about The MarBecca Method and attend our workshops. Feel free to call with questions – (909) 226-7032.

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5 Responses to Does Your DJ Really Care?

  1. Robert Krueger August 21 at 2:39 PM #

    Love this! Could I send this to some vendors with whom I work?

    • Mark Ferrell August 21 at 9:30 PM #

      Thanks Robert! Please do share my article with whomever you wish.

  2. Jody Litten August 25 at 8:45 PM #

    You said it all man…..

  3. Gary Wenner January 11 at 6:12 PM #

    Couldn’t agree more! These are things I practice. I am a small company (of one) but I am a big believer in the personal approach. You really have to connect with your bride (and groom). If you don’t, how can you be effective? As well as I have done, I know I can be (and want to be) better. Be the best you can be…and a little better. Your clients deserve that.

    • Mark Ferrell January 11 at 6:30 PM #

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      I’m glad that you agree. I believe that “caring” is only one part of the puzzle. It’s where we start as performers and gives us reason to develop, change, and grow. Because if we don’t care, we wouldn’t work on our craft. If we don’t care, we won’t continue to strive to do our very best for our clients. Without the talent to do the job well, “caring” isn’t enough. If you don’t believe me, the next time you need some dental work done, go have your most caring, non-dentist best friend take care of it. :^)

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