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There’s only one reason why
MarBecca Workshop Delegates Rave
about their experience.
It’s worth it… and then some…

Devorn Blueitt Endorses MarBecca Workshops

MarBecca pricing is based upon how many workshop delegates attend – discounts are offered on a sliding scale for full workshops. Use the drop-down menu in the menu bar above for current pricing or…

CLICK HERE for Workshop Pricing or CLICK HERE for Private Consultations.

The minimum requirement for MarBecca to travel to a location outside of California is FOUR workshops. For instance, if you would like a MarBecca workshop held in Philadelphia, we would list four (4) workshops in our Doodle Poll to gauge interest in the Philadelphia area. Once there were a minimum of five (5) paid delegates for each of the four workshops, MarBecca would make the travel, hotel, and other arrangements. MarBecca cannot travel for fewer than four (4) workshops per location.  CLICK HERE to send Rebecca an email or call (909) 226-7032 if you’d like to add a Doodle Poll for your state or country.

Ed Spencer Recommends MarBecca Workshops

To learn how to register, click HERE.
Or, after signing up on the Doodle Poll, go straight to the STORE to buy your workshop.