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MarBecca Workshop Unsolicited Testimonial - Dave Hastings

No more and no less than five (5) workshop attendees are required.
(This is the pricing for ONLINE WORKSHOPS worldwide. For pricing of physical workshops in the United States, go to this page.)

Online Workshop Pricing

Workshop Price

Number of Delegates

$1200.00 5 minimum & maximum*


*Five delegates allowed per workshop. Seats are limited.
**All prices in U.S. dollars.
***Pricing is for workshops only. Internet access, computers, webcams, etc. are not included in the price.

Private Consultations:

MarBecca Method Workshop Testimonials

Easy Payment Schedule


1/3 down to hold your place, followed by 2 payments, as follows:

Five Delegates Only

Balance Due

Coupon Code

First Payment $400.00 webshop
Second Payment $400.00 webshop
Final Payment $400.00 webshop

Ashley Riggs Endorses MarBecca Workshops

***All testimonials were posted spontaneously on Facebook and were completely unsolicited. We just wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. It’s good to be loved.

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