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The Love Story

“The Love Story” is a narrated feature, which you can add to most milestone events that will personalize your performance in ways you’ve never imagined before. Wedding ceremonies, receptions, birthdays, mitzvahs, and anniversaries are all made more entertaining, intimate, personalized, and meaningful with this feature.

Mark and Rebecca originated the concept & have been doing it since 1989, so you will learn why & how it was intended to be used and delivered from the people who are immeasurably qualified to teach it.

This is a workshop; not a seminar. You will be taught – hands on – how use storytelling and acting skills to create more value for you and your clients. You will practice, be coached and improve with techniques that might be new for you. You will overcome the fear of public speaking by learning easy techniques, structure, and a model to follow – and by using repetition, which builds confidence.

You will learn ways to make The Love Story more powerful, more meaningful, and more valuable than you’ve ever seen. This workshop will transform the way you approach your performance and your business. You’ll gain new confidence in your abilities and the value you offer – which helps the sales process.

Using the MarBecca Method, you’ll become worth more to your clients and make entertaining your audiences much easier.

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