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Workshop Prices

Tony Pacheco Endorses MarBecca Workshops

Discounted pricing will be offered based upon the number of delegates attending.

Workshop Pricing

Workshop Price

Number of Delegates

$1500.00 (base price) 5 minimum
$1400.00 6 in attendance (Save $100)
$1300.00 7 in attendance (Save $200)
$1200.00 8 in attendance* (Save $300)

*Maximum 8 delegates allowed per workshop. Seats are limited.
***Pricing is for workshops only. Accommodations, flights, edibles, and all other expenses are not included.

Steve Gregory Endorses MarBecca Workshops

Easy Payment Schedule

$500.00 down to hold your seat, followed by 1 installment payment of $500.00.  The third payment (the balance due) is based upon the number of delegates attending, as follows:

Number of Delegates

Balance Due

Coupon Code

5 (minimum) $500.00 love learning
6 in attendance $400.00 6 delegates
7 in attendance $300.00 7 delegates
8 in attendance (maximum) $200.00 8 delegates
Want to go forward with only 4? 4 payments of $500.00 love learning

Please consider that if you only have a total of 4 or 5 in your workshop, it’s great for maximum performance practice and time on the microphone.  Or… it costs less if we fill the workshop up with 8 attendees, so tell some friends!

Neal Howard Endorses MarBecca Workshops

***All testimonials were posted spontaneously on Facebook and were completely unsolicited. It’s good to be loved.

To learn how to register, click HERE.
Or, after signing up on the Doodle Poll, go straight to the STORE to buy your workshop.