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About The MarBecca Method

The MarBecca Method is all about love. In fact, that’s our motto: “It’s All About Love.”

Our Motto: “It’s all about Love.”

Our Slogan: “It’s not WHAT you do. It’s HOW you do it.”

Our Mantra: “Teaching People To Change Lives Through Entertainment And Speaking Skills.”

Theme Song: “Say It With Love” ~ The Moody Blues

The MarBecca Method is unique, specific and can help Mobile Wedding DJs and MCs who practice it to become the most sought after by Site Coordinators, appreciated by clients and the most highly compensated wedding DJs in their local markets.

It is more complex than it appears on the surface. It’s the kind of thing that takes a bit of exposure to fully understand. It is something we lived for over 35 years, drawing from experience and training in the entertainment industry and corporate event planning. As it’s practiced and worked with, it becomes more and more clear to someone working with the concepts. Then suddenly, it makes astounding sense — as many MarBecca Method workshop attendees can attest to. As a recent attendee extolled after his fifth workshop, “Something just clicked!” And his performance had blossomed.

We teach it a certain way and zero in on the specificity of why, when, and how. Especially as it pertains to The Love Story because it is a concept that we conceived and delivered. It is what we were famous for, as our signature piece.

The MarBecca Method of entertainment, speaking skills, and business is divided into a series of workshops and seminars that are available to small business professionals in a variety of markets in the U.S.  Business owners from as far as the U.K., Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and Australia have traveled to attend these events.

In 2012, we were invited to England to present Getting What You’re Worth and to conduct our workshops. In 2013, we returned for 4 sold-out workshops.  We are excited to note that we were invited back in 2014 for a third time!

An Article That Offers More Insight…

The article was written about our “DJ” Service – MarBecca Extraordinary Entertainment. To qualify for the article, we were required to submit 30 names of peers, vendors, and associates in the wedding industry. Each of them was interviewed by the publishers at Hopscotch Press to discern if we met the high standards they had set for service providers to be published in their annual book. In our interview with them, they commented that they had never experienced such exuberance by interviewees about a vendor before, then offered us the interview audio tape to enjoy.

Here’s the text of the article:

MarBecca Extraordinary Entertainment

There’s a theory that everyone has a gift for something, and maybe it’s true. Most people, however, go through life and never discover what they were put on this planet to do. Not so with Mark and Rebecca Ferrell, the remarkable husband-and-wife DJ team of “MarBecca.”

Just about anyone who has ever watched them work, will tell you that these two have definitely found their gift: when Mark and Rebecca are at an event, some kind of magic happens. “What they offer is personalized service that is unlike anyone else’s,” claims a very picky coordinator. “They do all the little things that others don’t do or won’t do,” adds a photographer. “They treat their clients like royalty.”

In addition to their fanatical dedication to customer service, both are highly skilled at their craft. Mark is a real disc jockey, a former radio personality for several local stations who has done hundreds of radio commercials. He’s witty, articulate, and has a great sense of timing and a wonderful voice. And he also knows how to put together incredible dance sets. Before joining forces with Mark, Rebecca was Administrative Director for one of the largest architectural design firms in the U.S. where, as part of her job, she planned and executed corporate and client functions. Nowadays she expertly handles the coordination and care-taking end of things, while he does the MC and DJ work. As one wedding professional put it, “They are the cement that holds the event together—and you get two fantastic services for the price of one.”

But perhaps their most important talent is an ability to connect with their clients in a profound way—something both require for job satisfaction. In fact, Rebecca states unequivocally, “if we don’t feel the connection, we don’t take the job. Work means nothing to us without that bond.”

That bond is especially significant at weddings, where an exquisite chemistry takes place between the Ferrells, the bride and groom and all their guests. “They know more about their clients than most people know about themselves,” says one admiring event planner. “It’s true,” confirms Rebecca. “We’re not interested in a superficial acquaintance. By really knowing the couple, we’re able to surprise them with personal little things that blow them away.” You’re most likely to witness these little surprises during a wedding custom called ‘The Love Story’. “Other DJs do this, too,” says a well-known photographer, “but Mark and Rebecca originated the concept and the way they do it is totally amazing! They build emotions and give everybody goosebumps—that’s what the guests remember.”

Event professionals in particular are impressed with the special quality MarBecca brings to an event. “When my daughter gets married, they’ll definitely be the entertainment,” says a popular wedding photographer. “I can’t give them a higher recommendation than that.” A videographer goes even further: “I’d change my wedding date to have them at my wedding. No one does it nearly as well as they do. They are without peer.”

“We exclusively do affairs of the heart, like wedding receptions and anniversary parties,” says Rebecca. “People don’t hire us unless they’re hopeless romantics,” she laughs. A rival disc jockey has a more down-to-earth explanation: “They’re not only the best DJs in all of Southern California, they’ve elevated the DJ service to an art form. They may cost a little more, but you can’t put a price on perfection.”

Area Served: California, Arizona and Nevada