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More than
Professional Mobile DJs …

… have filled a seat in a MarBecca Method workshop since we launched in 2005!!  And they are quite an international group too –  DJs have traveled from Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Jamaica, Scotland, and England to attend workshops soaking up everything they can to enhance their performance in some substantial way and improving their country’s DJ industry.  This is such an extremely exciting time to be part of the Mobile DJ profession! It is amazing what happens when a group of professionals come together to further themselves in an industry that they love and support wholeheartedly.

MarBecca Workshops are the best place to develop the skills needed to hold the audience’s full attention.


“I worked in the Entertainment Industry from the time I was 15. I trained, learned, worked, and kept working in the Entertainment Industry for 17 years before I started my DJ business. Then I applied all that I had learned in the Entertainment Industry to my DJ business for 13 years BEFORE I felt QUALIFIED to teach what I had learned and applied.”
~ Mark Ferrell

“There is a reason why DJ’s fly from all over the world to train with Mark & Rebecca. It’s because they are THE BEST hands down at what they do.”

Alan Chitlik Loves MarBecca

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The Best of the Best Wedding DJs
Are Trained By MarBecca

For brides, grooms and event planners it is my honor to introduce you to some of the wedding industry’s finest Wedding DJs and MCs we have had the privilege of training since launching the MarBecca Method workshops in 2005. Through their talent and dedication they have risen to become recognized as many of the most successful and highly respected professionals in the Mobile DJ industry.

MarBecca Success Stories

Bill Hermann: “It’s affected me more deeply than I expected. It’s caused me to look at not only what I’m doing, but my motives for what I’m doing. I thought I was always highly prepared but…” (read more)

Jim Cerone:“Who taught you how to do that? For many of us, the answer is “no one.” We became DJs with no formal training, coaching or instruction…” (read more)

Peter Merry:“If it weren’t for Mark Ferrell, I’d probably still be homeless and I’d probably still be a DJ-whore. I used to get only $400 for 4 hours until I met this man! He taught me a lot! He taught me a lot about how to improve my professionalism and how to charge a professional rate. And thanks to him I’m actually making a living these days. Thank you, Mark. I wouldn’t be able to call myself a professional mobile DJ and making a living if it wasn’t for you.” (read more)

Randy Bartlett: “The problem has been finding basic and beginner level training for Mobile DJs is pretty easy these days. Finding upper level training by someone who is genuinely qualified to teach it is difficult – almost impossible.” (read more)

Larry Williams: “Mark Ferrell has re-defined “advanced education” for the disc jockey industry. The MarBecca Workshops offer an intense hand-on study into the important talent aspects of our profession.” (read more)

Elisabeth Daley: “Mark isn’t creating “clones”. He encourages every attendee to be the “best” them. Isn’t that what a good teacher does?” (read more)

Mitch Taylor: Anybody on the fence on ANY workshop you are foolish if you don’t take it. Take it from me… (read more)

Matt Graumann: What did I learn? I learned a whole new way of approaching and performing at a wedding, or at any event, for that matter. I learned that I didn’t have a clue about some things that I thought I had a clue about. (read more)

Michael Buonaccorso: “I feel a greater accountability to produce quality shows.
I actually remember the watershed moment when I knew that. In 2000, at the very first seminar by Mark Ferrell, I was watching the reaction of the crowd…” (read more)

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Press & Publicity

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Gerald Hood's Marbecca Endorsement

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Dave Hastings 9:42pm May 23

“I’m sitting here in my hotel room in Houston Texas trying to get my head around all of the incredible information and guidance I have just received over the last two days from Mark & Rebecca Ferrell. It’s both a humbling – and rewarding experience to have them go through what you do, step by step, and help you polish your art form to a lustre. I highly recommend that you make the investment in your career and take the time to do this. If you’re interested in being part of this revolutionary process, you can either come to the U.S. or – let me know you’re interested and I’ll try and get them to come to Canada. This workshop seriously “up’s” your game. This workshop creates industry leaders…

My upcoming President’ message will describe what this has done for me Darryl, but this workshop is tailored to the exact needs of each individual in the room. This is why this works. I was in the same room, but I received very different assistance than the brand new DJ with only two months of experience. It was amazing to see how every person in the workshop grew exponentially. This is also why the MarBecca Entertainment workshops are limited to a maximum of 8 people at any one time. This brings you back to the fundamentals – and helps you re-train your brain to avoid long term mistakes. Mark and Rebecca’s guidance is why this works. This is really an incredible experience and value.”


Tony Axtell 9:15pm May 23

“WOW – what a truly amazing workshop! I personally watched these two transform one of my new employees in a matter of 48 hrs! Anyone looking for the next step . . . This is it!!! BIG THANK YOU to Mark & Rebecca Ferrell!”


Gerald Hood 10:33pm May 24

“There is a reason why DJ’s travel literally from all over the world for a chance to train with Mark & Rebecca Ferrell. The two days I spent taking the Bronze MC Workshop this past Feb in Vegas is the single greatest thing I could have done to improve my business. No matter what it costs you to attend, it is worth it. In fact, this is not a cost, it’s an Investment! I’m not just a spokesman, I’m a client too! I’m headed to Houston Monday to take my 2nd MC Workshop with Mark & Rebecca!”