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What’s the Buzz about MarBecca?

“While my high school debate coach was one of the biggest positive influences on my life and career, Mark Ferrell basically did for me in two days what Coach B. needed three years to do. In every way, Mark proved himself to be the legend he truly is—and I can’t wait for my next workshop.”

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“While helping DJs reach higher, Ferrell also helped Mobile Beat Las Vegas rise to the next level. I’ve gotten to know Mark Ferrell over the years and proudly consider him a good friend. I have observed the extraordinary impact he has made on the industry.”

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Mark and Rebecca Ferrell have created a global awareness in the Wedding DJ industry. They believe that DJs not only could do better but should do better. Their MarBecca Method workshops – which are the very best in the world – teach Wedding DJs to not only excel in their field and be better than the industry standard, but to always …

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Alan, the other Party Host, has been in Vegas at the annual DJ convention and training with the amazing Mark and Rebecca Ferrell – Gary and I have to wait until May for our next sessions with mark and Rebecca when they visit the UK again….

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Mark Ferrell - Press and Publicity

In early February 2012 I participated in the Gold MC Workshop in Las Vegas. It was an amazing group of DJ’s who came from 6 different states, as well as 2 DJ’s from England.  That’s right.  Two DJ’s went to the expense and effort to travel across an ocean to be a part of this workshop. Every single workshop has been an eye opening and performance improving experience …

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For most, the mic is a necessary evil that is dreaded and even feared. Few use the microphone to its full potential or ever tap into their best performance. There is a man who wants to help…
Mark Ferrell is regarded as one of the great MCs that our industry has. He is widely known for his “Worth Movement” where Mark toured the country convincing DJs they could actually earn a living as a professional DJ/MC. He has key noted some of the biggest conventions and has personally trained some of our industry’s finest. Now Mark tours…

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“How to Get Paid More and Earn the Respect You Deserve” | Book More Brides

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