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Mark Ferrell’s Resume

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Keynote Mobile Beat, Las Vegas (2019)
“Getting What You’re Worth: 20-20”

Keynote ADJA Sacramento Chapter (2017)
“Shout of Mouth: Your Performance IS Your Marketing”

Keynote Mobile Beat, Las Vegas (2015)
“Who Do You Think You Are? (Who Do We Think We Are?)”

Keynote NADJ, SECA, AMPDJ Hampshire, England (2012)
“Getting What Your Worth 2.0 U.K.”

Keynote Mobile Beat, Las Vegas (2012)
“Getting What Your Worth 2.0”

The MarBecca Method (2005 – Present)
Mark Ferrell’s MarBecca Method offered the first advanced training workshops designed for Mobile DJs. These one and two-day, intensive workshops center around the skills, techniques, and concepts that Mark and Rebecca Ferrell employed in their Mobile DJ business for over 13 years – drawing on an extensive background in the entertainment industry. The focus, teaching DJ’s professional Master of Ceremony skills including the Welcome, Grand Entrance Introductions, Toasts, Cake Cutting Ceremony and the original Love Story — a presentation he created for the first wedding he performed as a mobile DJ in 1989.

Keynote Mobile Beat, Las Vegas (2011)
“(You only get) One Song”

American Disc Jockey Association (2008)
Induction American Disc Jockey Association Hall of Fame

Mobile Beat Magazine (2008)
Lifetime Achievement Award

DJA Radio (2006)
Mark Ferrell’s DJA Radio was the first-ever “Podcast Radio Station” a concept that brought education to a new level using professional media to reach Mobile DJs nationwide.

American Disc Jockey Association (2003)
ADJA President’s Award

The Worth Tour (2001 – 2004)
Following the success of the Mobile Beat Keynote in 2000 Mark delivered a groundbreaking presentation, “Getting What You’re Worth,” to Mobile DJs in St. Louis, Missouri in 2001. He realized the most effective way to help others make an immediate increase in the income, status, and respect of Professional Mobile DJs. His seminar had to be given to competing DJs in the same market in the same room at the same time. The Worth Tour was born and it has worked in every market he’s subsequently visited – over 40 in all. (2001-2011)
The Mobile DJ industry’s first subscription-based forum offering advocacy, consultation, an incubator for industry leadership, and the official platform for the “Getting What You’re Worth” message. We gathered to celebrate each year for the DiscJockeyAmerica (DJA) Cocktail Party and Honors Awards, which included a Roast of industry notables. DiscJockeyAmerica (DJA) brought people together under one unified banner from all over the world. DJA and GWYW (the Worth Movement) were a perfect example of what we could accomplish together – nothing before or since has brought as many people together and caused as much mass change in the industry. Many of the groups, leaders, seminar/workshop providers, authors, writers, and ideas that are being implemented today were incubated at DiscJockeyAmerica with “Getting What You’re Worth” (GWYW) at its core.

American Disc Jockey Association (2001)
ADJA Outstanding Achievement Award

Mobile Beat Magazine (2000)
DJ All Stars Award

Getting What You’re Worth (1996-2000)
Mark’s trademark presentation “Getting What You’re Worth” was a game changer and will forever be remembered as the seminar that shattered the status quo of DJ’s not charging enough to earn a living wage. What began as a presentation he first gave in 1996 in Southern California, evolved over time culminating in 1998 when Mark took the stage at the Mobile Beat DJ Show and informed the audience that most were being paid less than what the veggie tray cost at the wedding  reception they were working. His message that DJ’s needed to treat being a DJ as a profession and charge a professional rate raised the bar to a whole new level. By 2000 he had divided the seminar into four parts: “Realizing,” “Believing,” “Communicating,” and “Being What You’re Worth.”  This seminar is as relevant today as it was in 2000 and has since been embraced by small business owners outside of the Mobile DJ industry.

Full-time Mobile DJ (1991 – 2005)
In 1991, Mark left his radio job in favor of providing extraordinary entertainment for his clients as a full-time Mobile DJ. Mark consistently commanded a base fee of $3000+ for DJ services – 5 hours, 2-4 speaker cabinets, no lights, no extras – with an emphasis on high performance standards and client service.

During his tenure as a mobile DJ specializing in wedding reception entertainment and direction, he and his wife Rebecca created unique entertainment concepts, including Expanded Personalized Grand Entrances, The Love Story, The Slides of Your Life, and Creative Greetings custom recordings.

Part-time Mobile DJ (1989 – 1991)
In 1989, Mark started his mobile business while working ‘on air’ in Southern California Radio, but was determined to make his mobile DJ business a full-time profession; a career.

KEZY 95.9-FM (1988-1991)
On-air personality

Pepper’s Nightclub (1987-1989)
Head DJ, entertainment director. 2-year contract with signing bonus of $10K and a percentage of increased revenue. Hired and trained DJs. Exclusive contract for lightshow productions and radio & TV commercial productions.

Creative Answers (1984 – 1989)
Multi-faceted voiceover career in Colorado/California. Produced corporate multi-media presentations, voiced radio/TV commercials, voiced business and private answering messages, land and housing developers’ information centers, and industrial films and videos.

The Red Onion (1979 – 1984, 1986 – 1987)
Club Disc Jockey/Trainer. The Red Onion DJ’s were innovators who not only spoke, but also MIXED rock and roll, MIXED country music when “Urban Cowboy” came out and MIXED music videos. Other interactive activities included costume changes and use of props.

KUTE 102-FM (1977)
Worked on-air work at KUTE-102FM in LA  as DJ and Voiceover work for commercials for Knott’s Berry Farm.

Knott’s Berry Farm (1977 – 1980)
Tour Guide – Haunted Shack, Head DJ – Cloud Nine Disco, Stage Manager, Park Announcer/MC.

Mark became the DJ at Knott’s and performed for literally thousands of people each month working with the entertainment department to create the Cloud Nine Disco (state of the art), designed promotions with the major radio stations and recording artists, trained DJs, and eventually became a stage manager, and the park announcer – performing various live and recorded park announcements, MCing live events like NYE, and introducing acts on the various stages — including Exile and Wolfman Jack.

Fullerton College (1976)
Studied broadcasting for one semester. Studied for and received my FCC Third Class Radiotelephone license. Also took jobs in radio as an on-air personality (KAPX and interned at KEZY). Studied music, production, copy-writing, promotions, and sales.

Cypress College (1976 – 1978)
Bio-chem Major. Elected Student Body President.

American Bandstand (1974 – 1975)
Regular Dancer on “American Bandstand.”

Loara High School (1972-1975)
Studied stage and drama in high school. As senior class president Mark presented the morning announcements on the P.A. system each morning, treating it as his own little radio show. Drama, Senior Class President, Morning Announcements, Choir, Senior Follies Producer and MC of a full stage variety show production 1975.

Disneyland (1972 – 1976)
Was trained by and worked Jack Wagner the official voice of Disneyland. Worked in Entertainment – Parades, Characters, float driver, MC Easter Parade, Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade 1974.