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How To Register to Attend a Workshop

Click here to go directly to the Doodle Poll listings below.

MarBecca - The Most Attended DJ Workshops

More than 1,400 DJs from 7 different countries have attended MarBecca Workshops. There’s a pretty good reason for that — THEY WORK!

Opportunities to attend a workshop in the U.S. for 2019 in Mammoth Lakes, Salt Lake City, Omaha, Detroit, Syracuse, Allentown, Charlotte, Dallas, & 2020 around Mobile Beat are ready for you to join.  To gauge interest in specific cities and dates for our workshops we use something called a DOODLE POLL . . . Read on . . .

Step 1: Sign Up On The Doodle Poll

Our Doodle Poll is an awesome way to see which workshops fit into your schedule – it’s kind of like picking a college course.  Your participation in the Doodle Poll is vital as the first 8 listed will be given priority to register and attend. You  may add yourself as an alternate if 8 are already listed… sometimes people need to adjust their schedule and must cancel and a seat magically opens up.

PLEASE NOTE: The Doodle Poll does NOT register you, but lets us know which workshops you’re most interested in.  Rebecca will contact you when it’s time to plunk down some money to hold your seat at the world famous U-Shaped table.  The Doodle Poll actually does not provide us with a way to contact you so  Please send Rebecca an e-mail with your information.

Click here to show your interest in a workshop:

MarBecca Fall/Winter Workshop 2019 Doodle Poll

MarBecca Spring Las Vegas 2020 Doodle Poll

To help keep our count accurate on the Doodle Poll, please do not add your name until you are positive you can attend.  If 8 are listed, please add yourself as an alternate – things do change and you may still have the opportunity to attend.  Thank you!!

As we add new Doodle Polls, we will keep you updated on Facebook so let’s be friends!! Contact me on Facebook

If you have questions let Rebecca know  she’s always happy to help.

That’s it for now…If you’re interested in other training opportunities, check out our Private Coaching & Consultations!  🙂

Step 2: Register for Your Workshop – First Payment

    1. Go to The Store and click on the workshop you’d like to attend.
    2. Use the drop-down menu to choose the location and date of your workshop, then click “Add To Cart”.
    3. Reserve your seat with the reservation fee using a coupon code:

love learning

After entering coupon code, click “Update” and confirm the adjusted amount. Then go to “Checkout” and use one of the choices for payment.

Terms & Conditions

Step 3: Make One Installment Payment – Second Payment

  1. Rebecca will contact you with dates for your second payment. Use the coupon code:
    love learning
  2. Your installment payment must be paid by the dates provided. If not, your seat may be given to a person on standby.
  3. Go to The Store and click on the workshop for which you’re registered to submit your installment payment using the coupon code. Click “Update” after entering the coupon code.

Step 4: Make Your Final Payment – Third Payment

  1. Rebecca will contact you at least eight (8) days prior to the scheduled workshop date to submit your final payment.
  2. Go to The Store and click on the workshop for which you’re registered to submit your final payment using the coupon code: 
    love learning
    and click “Update” after entering the coupon code.

Step 5: Have a great workshop!