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Elisabeth Daley –
A MarBecca Method Love Note

Learn more about Elisabeth at:
Liz Daley Events
Office – 757-566-4530
Cell – 917-653-3750

About the MarBecca Method:

“…Mark’s classes have enlightened me.

Mark introduced the “workshop” opportunity to DJs. Actors are continuously partaking of workshops just to keep the creative juices flowing. Why shouldn’t a DJ, or any public speaker?

Mark isn’t creating “clones”. He encourages every attendee to be the “best” them. Isn’t that what a good teacher does? I sat in classes for five years under the best professors to earn my degree and Mark’s approach as an educator, in my humble opinion, is spot on. He asks more questions than he dictates doctrine.

Personally, my own master of ceremonies skills were improved thanks to his class and I will be signing up for more.

Did he teach me how to speak? No. (my parents did that)

Did he teach me to think about what I was going to say before I said it in front of a live audience? Yes! (of course my mother has been trying to get me to think before I speak for years)

Did he teach me anything about weddings? There is ALWAYS more to learn.

Did he make me THINK and QUESTION why I do what I do when I’m on stage? Absolutely!!!!!

Did he make me honestly critique my own performance? YES…”

Elisabeth Daley is a past President of the Wedding Entertainment Directors Guild, a graduate of The Boston Conservatory of Music and spent over 12 years in New York City as a professional actress. She appeared in the daytime drama “As the World Turns” as well as the HBO hit “Sex and the City”, W.E.D.

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