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Larry Williams – A MarBecca Method Love Note

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About the MarBecca Method:

“I am especially pleased to support and endorse the workshops presented by MarBecca Entertainment. Mark Ferrell has re-defined “advanced education” for the disc jockey industry. The MarBecca Workshops offer an intense hand-on study into the important talent aspects of our profession. But equally important is the “methodology” that specifically parallels that of other training avenues in the performing arts.

I first attended the Love Story Workshop in early 2006. After the workshop, I immediately implemented the learned techniques and took my service offerings to a whole new level. It so changed my level of talent, customer service and performance qualities that I eagerly signed up for another Love Story Workshop just 16 months later. I now command top dollar in my market and have taken my service offerings from “outstanding” to “off-the-charts”. My rates have literally doubled in the past two years.

I highly recommend the MarBecca Workshops to anyone who is looking at accelerating away from the pack of “typical” DJs within their market. If you are serious about taking your performance offerings to the next level . . . the MarBecca Workshops are the most worthwhile investment you will ever make. These workshops are truly at the level of academic achievement as some of the most intense study and training offerings seen within the entertainment industry.”

Larry Williams / Wedding Entertainment Director ™
Author – Mind Your Own Business
Seminar Presenter – Changing Public Perception
Staff Writer – Mobile Beat Magazine
Public Relations Consultant to the ADJA
Member: W.E.D.Guild, ADJA
Recipient: 2006 ADJA Michael Butler Humanitarian Award

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