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Mike Buonaccorso – A MarBecca Method Love Note

Learn more about Mike’s book at:
“Author of A Different Spin,” Co-founder of Mobile Beat Magazine, and producer of the Mobile Beat DJ Show

About the MarBecca Method:

“I feel a greater accountability to produce quality shows.

I actually remember the watershed moment when I knew that. In 2000, at the very first seminar by Mark Ferrell, I was watching the reaction of the crowd before, during and after that presentation. I realized in that one brief session we had ‘graduated’ to the next level. And as show producer I knew it would now be my responsibility to maintain that higher level at our events. The hilarious side note here?, that raising of the bar wasn’t obvious to everyone: a small group of attendees thought we had hired a professional actor to play the role of a DJ!”

Mike Buonoccorso is Co-founder of Mobile Beat Magazine, producer of the Mobile Beat DJ Show and author of “A Different Spin.”

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