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Peter Merry – A MarBecca Method Love Note

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About the MarBecca Method:

I studied under Mark Ferrell for several years after hearing about him at a wedding from a photographer almost 5 years ago. At that time, I was struggling to make my business successful enough to at least pay my bills at home and maybe make some money, but I was floundering in despair because I couldn’t rely solely on my business income to support my family. In 1996…which was my 2nd full year in business for myself…I completed 43 contracted events…for a total gross income of $16,580! That’s an average per event fee of $386!

I had just completed 6 months in a program called Irvine Temporary Housing because my low pricing and lack of a backup plan had put myself, my wife and her two sons into a situation that had led to us becoming homeless in June of 1995.

I was DJing a wedding as a sub-contractor for my old multi-op boss in Pasadena (I was probably getting paid $150 at the most) and during dinner in an adjoining room (yes…I would eat at my weddings back then) the photographer began telling me about an amazing DJ husband and wife duo. He said that this DJ would tell a Love Story about the Bride & Groom that would literally take the guests on an emotional rollercoaster filled with laughter and tears of joy and then he revealed the most amazing part of all. He said that this DJ charged a minimum of $1,200!!! My fork dropped out of my hand…my jaw hit the table…and I was clearly stunned. I set out to find this DJ…so I could ask him one simple question…HOW?

My eyes were opened and I began to see that my true value as a wedding entertainment professional was really much higher than I ever thought possible.
After a year at the $800 level, I tried out the $1,200 price range for a year and half and people still hired me for their weddings, in fact my bookings went up!
In the meantime, my level of service started to improve as well. In drug rehab circles they refer to addict behavior as a “downward spiral” that never ends. And unless the addict gets sober, he will most likely die an addict. What I was experiencing as result of studying Mark’s methods and concepts is something I like to call the “Upward Spiral”.

When Mark and Rebecca offered to share their Love Story concept and their methods for being more effective as the MC at weddings…there were no more credentials necessary for me to decide that what they had to offer could truly help me take what I have already been doing well and make it even better. I should also probably mention that I have cleared 6 figures annually since 2003 at an average of 50-60 events a year or less (make that 33 total events last year) and a good portion of that success has been because Mark & Rebecca were willing to share with me how to earn more and how to give my clients more.

“I know that my investment (of my time and my money) will be paid back with dividends when my referrals continue to increase as a direct result of participating in these highly intensive workshops.

Thank you Mark Ferrell!”

Peter Merry is a past W.E.D. Guild President, Past President ADJA, National Speaker/Presenter – NACE, Mobile Beat, ADJA, and ABC; Contributing writer – Mobile Beat, Author – “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!” and was Mark’s apprentice from 1999-2004.

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