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Randy Bartlett – A MarBecca Method Love Note

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About the MarBecca Method:

“Can you imagine Tiger Woods saying he doesn’t need a coach or need to practice?

The problem has been finding basic and beginner level training for Mobile DJs is pretty easy these days. Finding upper level training by someone who is genuinely qualified to teach it is difficult – almost impossible.

Attending the Marbecca Love Story workshop was a privilege. The cost of attending was so low and the results were so great that I’m amazed that every DJ striving to deliver a top notch performance wasn’t in attendance. It’s so great to be in a small workshop with only those entertainers willing to work and stretch – the workshop should be called the No-Slackers workshop because everyone was there to stretch, and we all left with a feeling of accomplishment, enthusiasm and anticipation for how much better our weddings would be as a result.

There’s no place for apathy at this workshop. Either you care enough to give your clients your very best, or you’re just going through the motions.”

Randy Bartlett is the Creator of the 1% Solution DVD series; a National Speaker and seminar presenter – Mobile Beat, Northern Convention, DJ Times; and board member of the W.E.D. Guild

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