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Announcing The Grand Entrance – Silver Level


The Silver Level Announcing & Engineering workshop is the intermediate level workshop and picks up where the Bronze Level leaves off. Applying what was learned in the previous workshop, you will expand on those concepts and begin to make them second nature. This is where you begin to become a true Announcer. You’ll experiment with all the voices inside of you, expand your interpretation, and perfect a variety of announcements. We’ll add another layer of complexity to your announcing style and apply several engineering situations with the goal of seamless transitions.

Open Me

  1. Recap the Bronze Level definitions, function, and applications.
  2. Perfect the timing of the Grand Entrance.
  3. Voice Skills – It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it …
    Warm-up exercises, speech & language and physical aspects.
    Microphone skills.
  4. Developing your Unique Voice & Style
  5. Grand Entrance and Introductions
  6. PERFORMANCES. We will prepare scripts then deliver each of these. Coaching/Direction is provided both live and via reviews of video recording of the performances of a Grand Entrance.

“I owe a lot to two individuals that changed my life personally and making this possible to help myself succeed in life and to open my eyes. Mark and Rebecca Ferrell. I took my first MC workshop years ago with these two called the Mark Ferrell – The MarBecca Method. Little did I know they would also introduced not only a skill set, but a life changing moment.”
~ Jason Yoshino, South Dakota


Please check for date, location, and availability before purchasing.

The Bronze Level workshop is required before attending the Silver Level workshop. Likewise, the Silver Level workshop is required before attending the Gold Level workshop. You can repeat any level workshop once it’s completed.

Each workshop is limited to 6 attendees.

Doors open at 9:30 a.m. Workshop ends at approx. 6:30 p.m. You will be contacted with the exact meeting locations. Please call (909) 226-7032 if you have questions.

Please make sure you receive a confirmation email from. If you don’t, please email – your payment did not go through and your seat is not guaranteed.

Super Important!

Workshop Delegates – make your 1/3 reservation by using the coupon code inspired during checkout, then hit update and scroll down to see your discount. Your installments will be paid later using coupon codes sent by Rebecca.



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