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Work one on one with Mark and Rebecca to hone any skill(s) you are interested in improving. Or schedule a private Master of Ceremonies or Love Story workshop. $375 per hour, $1500 per half-day, $2500 per 8-hour day, or $4000 per 2-day.

In person, online, or phone consultations are available. Full private workshops or coaching individual skills, video performance review, and ride-alongs.

“Thank you Mark and Rebecca Ferrell for all you do. Your guidance and coaching have been life-changing and helped to take my business talents to a new level. Keep truckin!”
~ Robert Lawrence, Michigan

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Learn on a very personal level exactly what Mark and Rebecca did as a team to make their Mobile DJ business a huge success.

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Good Telephone
  • Sales
  • Interview Meeting
  • Expanded Personalized Introductions
  • Planning
  • Event Coordination
  • Event Pacing
  • Appearance and Dress
  • Banquet managers and Coordinator management
  • Consultation Meeting
  • Proper announcing
  • Love Story
  • Client Philosophy
  • Music Programming
  • Music Pacing

– and anything you’d like help with.

If you’ve ever wanted to work with your spouse or significant other, Mark and Rebecca will offer their advice.

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Private Workshop”