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The Gold Level is the advanced level Master of Ceremonies workshop and is the level at which true Mastery begins. Building on what was learned in the previous workshops, you will begin to express your skills with more ease. At this level, you will think less about the “steps” and more about the “energy” of your performance. The focus of this workshop will be ceremonies, the appropriate motivation, immediate direction, and immediate application. The Gold Level is nearly all stage time and review. This is the most exciting workshop and the one with the biggest strides in advancement! With the fundamentals behind you, it’s where your performance explodes to true artistic expression. This is the Mastery workshop.

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  1. Recap of the core roles of a Master of Ceremonies, the five functions of a Master of Ceremonies, voice skills, warm-up exercises, speech & language and physical aspects.
  2. ARTISTRY – unique self-expression, finding your own voice, creating authentic audience enthusiasm, empathy, and excitement. Going WAY beyond what you normally do.
  3. PERFORMANCES – Speaking extemporaneously.  Using your own vocabulary to express yourself uniquely each time you perform. Coaching/Direction is provided both live and via reviews of video recording of the performances.
  4. CEREMONIES – the expanded view using what you didn’t know before. New levels of understanding and interpretation. Vamping and involving your audience.

“Personally, I’ve NEVER met a DJ who regretted investing in MarBecca training. For those who want to know if there is some kind of ‘secret’ to success in the DJ business, this is it – MarBecca. :)” ~ Glenn Mackay, Australia


Please check for date, location, and availability before purchasing.

The Silver Level workshop is required before attending the Gold Level workshop. You are encouraged to repeat any workshop once completed.

Each workshop is limited to 6 attendees.

Doors open at 9:30 a.m. Workshop ends at approx. 6:30 p.m. You will be contacted with the exact meeting locations. Please call (909) 226-7032 if you have questions.

Please make sure you receive a confirmation email. If you don’t, please email – your payment did not go through and your seat is not guaranteed.

Super Important!

Workshop Delegates – make your 1/3 reservation by using the coupon code inspired during checkout, then hit update and scroll down to see your discount. Your installments will be paid later using coupon codes sent by Rebecca.


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